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Whether by phone, email, text, or in is important to communicate the vision, intent, and application of every project.  It's our job to listen, provide ideas, and to take notes in order to provide the best customer experience possible.  You'll find that Digital Quill Studio will help answer questions and provide valuable information based on the our history of projects for various clients.

A picture speaks a 1,000 words.  To get the ball rolling and to find solid direction, Digital Quill Studio will provide digital proofs of the project.  Typically, an initial set of drawings will be emailed to the client or shared via Dropbox, Drive, or WeTransfer.  This is to be reviewed by the client for feedback.   

The client gives Digital Quill Studio feedback so that adjustments, revisions, and additional proofs can be re-submitted.  Design is a process.  Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get the project perfect.  Others, come out perfect the first time!   Generally, after a client has worked with us over several projects, a look, theme, or aesthetics are established and proofs become more custom or each client's wishes.

Final proofs are approved and Digital Quill Studio provides final content.  This can be in the form of digitally transferred PDFs or tangible printed products.  A backup is made of your files so that you can have access to them in the future.  Terms of payment are negotiated at the onset of every project.

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